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"Wallowa Livery Stable - Burned, September 1914. (First one built circa 1890.) Owned by Nate Crowfut, operated by Johnson Hawley. Gable faced north. Building was located east of bank, on opposite corner. It was replaced by the Morelock Garage…
"Sunday School group in Promise, Oregon (Wallowa County) - circa 1910. The Carper family, who owned the original photograph that this print was made from, came out from West Virginia to homestead in Promise in 1897."
"Elgin street scene - Looking east on Old Main Street from 6th St. and Alder. 1. J.J. Donovan Livery Barn 2. Elgin Recorder (formerly W.H. Griggs Saloon) 3. Hardware Store 4. Meat Market 5. Shoe Repair 6. Frank Shevlin's Veto Saloon 7. George…
"Elgin Scenes 1920-1925" "St. Louis Livery, J.A. McCarthy"
"Front Street - Elgin - After Opera House was built. Before fire bell tower was built higher" "July 4th water fight held between 2 fire hydrants to see who would be No. 1: The Nowegians - Rasmussens vs. The Swedes - Simonsens Greased pole to climb on…
"OK Livery Stable" This is a livery stable where horses were housed and cared for. There are three men standing out front, two of them with bridled horses.
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