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"Fred Hill at his ship board sleeping facilities"
"Sea Rescue. 17th B-25 'Little Joe' crash landed in Ocean. Crew picked up by Navy PBY from their life rafts" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Rescuing the 'Little Joe' Crew. On July 13, a Photographic Reconnaissance B-25 named 'Little Joe' was shot down…
"Raft Race" A group of students race downriver on a homemade inner tube raft.
"5/1984 - Raft Race" Teams of students prepare to launch their rafts. Some are conventional, inflatable rafts, some are inner tubes tied together, and some are homemade inventions.
Preparing to launch their homemade raft that is basically three inflatable dragons tied together, team "H.H. GECKO" strategizes.
"May 1990 - Raft Race" Three young men proudly stand around their bicycle propelled, inner tube raft.
"May 1990 - Raft Race" Three of the members of one of the raft race teams pose together with the giant inner tubes they will use to construct a homemade raft for the race.
"May 7, 1988 - Raft Race" A team ties together inner tubes to make their raft for the race. [Color image located at 2007.3.4120].
"May 7, 1988 - Raft Race" Having lashed together nearly a mountain of inner tubes, this team is having trouble getting it through the narrow channel between the bridge pylon and the shoreline.
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