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"Sally Snyder" Standing in front of a class, Sally Snyder uses a large paper tablet as a visual aid for her lecture on "Promoting Cottage Industries."
"Mary Jane Loso" Standing behind a tabletop podium at the front of a classroom and wearing a dress suit, Mary Jane Loso is giving a lecture.
"4/1991 - John Millay, classroom shots" - five images
"1990" Six images of a class being conducted outdoors. A professor lectures to students who are sitting on the front staircase of the newly constructed Loso Hall.
"1990" Twelve images of lectures and information gathering during orientation activities. 90002 .028-.029 - Terral Schut (at podium). 90003 .004-.005 - [Appears to be:] Alan Davis (standing and speaking). 90013 .011-.014 - Nancy Youlden (standing and…
"1990" An image of a professor giving a lecture in a classroom.
"1989" Three images of Dick Stenard conducting a lecture during the Open House.
"1989" Three images of a different people giving lectures in the same classroom.
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