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"Mary Jane Loso" Standing behind a tabletop podium at the front of a classroom and wearing a dress suit, Mary Jane Loso is giving a lecture.
"1989" Four images of a history professor giving a lecture in a classroom.
"1989" Three images of a different people giving lectures in the same classroom.
"4/22/1983 - Readers Conference" - seventeen images
"July 1988" Three images of an unidentified professor lecturing in a classroom.
"July 1988" Four images of Jeff Vermeer lecturing in a classroom.
"June 1988" Six images of Jeff Vermeer giving instruction in a classroom.
"1988 - Open House" An image of Jack Johnson giving one of the informational lectures during the campus Open House.
"1988 - Orson Christensen" - six images
"1988 - Open House" - three images .008-.010 - Dick Stenard (standing at microphone).
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