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"Moon Drug Co. store on the corner of Adams and Fir. Advertisement for Coca-Cola painted on the side of the building. Sign for Moon Drug reads: 'Drugs, Ice Cream, Candies, Stationery, ______, ______ ______, Tobacco.' Grande Ronde Valley House is…

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"Sacajawea" Hotel, La Grande, Oregon - Opening Day, December 1929" [Probably designated as the official opening day for specials and celebrations as the Sacajawea Hotel actually opened for business about ten months prior on February 18, 1928. It…

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"Grande Ronde Hospital, La Grande, Oregon - about 1930-1935."

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"La Grande Hotel - circa 1929" [Of note: The La Grande Hotel signage which is located on the side of the building in this image, is on the front of the building in images dated after 1927.] [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page…

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"Milling & Mercantile Co. bldg. (stone warehouse) on the NW corner of 8th Ave. and Division St. - built in 1897. Bed of Gordon Creek at the Galloway Mill Site, 3 mi. NW of town, donated stone for removal from Creek. W.I. Dishman is tall man with…

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"Hoke [Hunt] Hall - After the addition to the 'Women's Residence Hall' - 1946"

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1934 EONS Football Team with Coach Bob Quinn (back row, left end). [Almost identical to 2010.2.4020]

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Snow has been shoveled off of the walk ways in downtown La Grande. It is piled in a wall along the street.

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"No. 14 La Grande Hotel, La Grande, Oregon"

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"New Orleans"

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