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"La Grande National Bank, La Grande, Oregon - 1904-1922. Cast Iron Mary is located in the intersection to the right of the bank. Advertising for 'Steward's Opera House' painted on side of building to the left of bank."

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"Mrs. Hall's Studio [became Hart Studio] - east of City Hall in Elgin, Oregon - about 1915. Women in front are: Mrs. Lottie Hall, Mrs. Annie Johns, Nancy (Lewis? Ben Willis' sister), Lola (Bible?) Stelham. Boy may be Myron Hall." Advertising on the…

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"This picture is of (left to right) Art Weigle, Frank Bay, Nate Zweifel and Claude Mackey. The man in the background was a Presbyterian minister. The rabbits were for a feast to be held in the Foley Hotel. At the feast they boiled the rabbits until…

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"La Grande Stockyards - La Grande, Oreg. - circa 1910"

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"Dedication ceremony for a marker for the Oregon Trail on 'B' Avenue in La Grande, Oregon - April 10, 1906. Ezra Meeker is standing next to the marker." [See: La Grande Evening Observer for April 11, 1906 to read a description of the event.]

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"Members of the La Grande Athletic Club, representing their club at the Multnomah Athletic Meet in Portland, 1892 - Bill Bray, Jack Peare and Doc Lincoln"

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"circa 1930's - Jack Peare, former Fire Chief, and others pulling a Hose Cart" down a street with automobiles parked along it.

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"W.H. Bohnenkamp Co. - Adams Ave. La Grande, Oregon - after 1910. 'Four Floors of FINE FURNITURE.' Anderson Bros. and La Grande Garment Factory can be seen to the right of Bohnenkamp's."

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"La Grande Hotel - circa 1929" [Of note: The La Grande Hotel signage which is located on the side of the building in this image, is on the front of the building in images dated after 1927.] [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page…

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"La Grande Municipal Band in full uniform with instruments in hand, posing on the steps of the High School building - circa 1925." Two members are identified: "Andrew Roney (center, front row) and Kenneth Gekeler (2nd from left, front row)."

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