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"1954-55 Junior Prom" In the center of the picture, Jo Ann Wheeler and Don Scharn dance together under a large star. Other couples dance around them, and there are more decorations hanging from the ceiling and walls.
"1954-55 Jr. Prom - Mr. & Mrs. [Barbara] Royce Chadwick" The married couple pose together at Junior Prom.
"1953-54 Jr. Prom - Bob Peskale, Dr. [Martha] Addy" A Professor at EOCE, Dr. Martha Addy takes time to stop and talk with EOCE student, Bob Peskale at Junior Prom.
"Junior Varsity Team Members [not in order]: #33 - Charles Chapman, #43 - Bob Crouser, #32 - Gerry Galbraith, #14 - Fred Langley, Leonard Meyers, Lonnie Meyers, Keith Murray, Dave Piguet, Bill Potter, Ray Strong, Tom Walker, and Fred Widman." [Photo…
"1965 - Gerry Galbraith, Punter, Defensive Linebacker, Junior" This is an informal, outdoor, portrait of Eastern Oregon football player, #6 - Gerry Galbraith. He is wearing his uniform, and he is holding a football in both hands Hunt Hall is visible…
"1965 - Don Fisher, Junior" This is an informal portrait of Eastern Oregon football player, Don Fisher. He is wearing his uniform jersey.
"1954-55 Jr. Prom - Jo Ann Glenn, Jim Weisman" Wearing formal attire, Jo Ann [Joanne?] Glenn and Jim Weisman [Wiseman?], pose together at Junior Prom.
"1954-55 Jr. Prom - Eleanor Mars, Larry Miller" Eleanor Mars and Larry Miller pose together as a couple during Junior Prom. She is wearing a tulle dress with a lace overlay, and she has a corsage pinned to her right shoulder. He is wearing a medium…
"April 14-16, 1977 - State High School Speech Tournament - Sue Ann Smith (Banquet Hostess, EOSC Student, Junior level, Elementary Education)"
"11/1984 - Men's Basketball JV Team" An image of the junio varsity basketball coach who appears to be, Havan Jones.
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