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"4/1985 - Campus candids" Six images of Ackerman Elementary School children playing as a group with a parachute.
"5/1985 - Roof repairs to Inlow"
"10/1987" Two images of a teacher getting ready to play soccer with a group of Ackerman Elementary School children.
"1989" An image of the jungle gym located in the Ackerman Elementary School courtyard.
Six images of children playing outside on the Ackerman Elementary School playground during a recess. Two different EOSC students supervise small groups of the children. xx273 .003 - Facilities building (background, right side). xx277 .024 - Hunt Hall…
Two images of girls hamming it up for the camera as they are photographed in small groups together outside on the Ackerman Elemenatry School playground during a recess.
Six images of a soft-pitch baseball game played outdoors by Ackerman Elemenatry School children. xx273 .014 - Zabel Hall (background). .015 - Facilities (background, left side). .018 - Hunt Hall (background). xx277 .023 - Ackerman Elementary School…
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