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"10/1985" Ten images taken at an art show. .008 - Judd Koehn (right, in profile). .009 - Judd Koehn (right, back to camera). .017 - Judd Koehn (right, in profile). .019 - Judd Koehn (left side of image, foreground).
"New Guinea jungle from the air"
"Example of coral cliffs facing the beach. Japanese had dug caves and tunnels there in for defense installations"
"The vertical Coral Cliff along the road parallel to the beach - South side of Biak"
"Example of the near vertical coral rock walls just inland from the beach where many Japanese had dug caves."
"The Cliff - coral - that extended for miles along the south coast of Biak in which the Japanise had many gun emplacements" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Invading Biak. On May 27-31, 1944, American forces landed on beaches between Mokmer Village and…
"Liberty Ships - Aircraft on Air strip perhaps Mokmer strip and Jap Fox holes in foreground - taken from up a rise in the coral wall"
"Native homes - on stilts over the water"
"2 views of 3 men: Stafford K. Carr - Dick Baxter - Howard Tryk"
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