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"45 cal Pistol firing range - Latrine - at Fort Ord"
Soldiers swim in an inlet near camp, perhaps also doing laundry and bathing.
"Bob Casey and canine friend"
"Bob Casey and canine friend"
"Overview of 17th Tact. Recon Camp on Biak. Service Tents - Generator and gasoline drums in foreground. Metal roof of Mess hall in distance on left"
"17th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 71st Group. 5th AF -- The Orderly Room tent and flag pole"
"17th Recon Sqdn - mess kit washing line - outside mess hall. Ship in bay visible beyond"
"Auto & truck 'Gas Station' at Dulag. 'Free windshield wash with a fill-up." From "Darkroom Soldier": "Refueling at Dulag. Trucks and jeeps used 80 octane fuel from these 55-gallon drums. Soldiers pressurized the drums, then pumped gasoline into…
"Ruts in the mud of the motor pool at Dulag Leyte - 17th Tactical Recon Sqdn. Trucks, tents, palm trees on perimeter"
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