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"Reunion - MP's Lt O'Keefe and Sgt Fred Hill. O'Keefe was 1st Sgt of the 123rd Obsn. Sqdn when Fred Hill transferred from Infantry to Air Force in Nov. 1941"

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"Gen Eisenhower Field Inspection - Fort Lewis 1946"

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"The General inspects Ft Lewis Infantry firing range" "5 Star Gen Dwight Eisenhower Inspects Fort Lewis 1946" "Dry firing range"

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"Gen Eisenhower Fort Lewis Post Inspection 1946 - Rifle Platoon"

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"Gen Eisenhower Fort Lewis Post Inspection 1946"

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"Gen Eisenhower Fort Lewis Post Inspection 1946 - Soldiers field equipment display - Pup tents, etc."

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"Infantryman with mouth of Malinta Tunnel in distance - Signal Corps Photo - International News wire Photo - Source: Caffrey Dugas"

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"Parade Ground drop area in foreground - onto tail of the island. LCI's bringing troops. Photo by 17th Recon Sqdn" Ground forces arriving. First and second wave of 503rd's abandoned parachutes. East end of parade grounds - theatre, tank farm, and…

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"Parade ground and adjacent area strewn with abandoned parachutes - Landing Zone A - 503rd RCT Paratroopers - Theatre at extreme right, at end of parade ground - Photo by 17th Recon Sqdn. It was from this print that Bob Peace, of Georgia, claimed…

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"Warf area - North Dock - 503rd RCT Paratroopers - Photo by 17th Recon Sqdn - Make a square print 3 Parachutes in the air in center smoke. Tank farm and lighthouse just to the right of where these 3 'chutes will come down"

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