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"Lower Imnaha Stock Bridge over Cow Creek. There were no roads in the area, only trails. Mrs. George A. Russell and daughter, Alice are on the bridge."
"IV. [No source is named for this chapter reference.] - Marble Flat Road, Grouse Creek or Marr Flat Road, summer of 1912, was the most direct route between Upper Imnaha and country on the plateau above. It takes travelers from the top of Marr Flat to…
"Sarah Jane Reeves Findley - Born October 25, 1842 - Carrolltown, Missouri. Crossed plains 1852. Family to mines in southern Oregon 1853, were there during Rogue River Indian War. Father and two brothers served as volunteers at time. She is said to…
"May 14, 1980" Jack and Harriett Finch hold the Venerable Goblet together.
"May 14, 1980 - Doyle Slater on stilts in Imnaha School yard."
"May 14, 1980" An image of the Imnaha School playground area. EOSC professor, Doyle Slater demonstrates how to use stilts for some of the children while others play on the swings and slide. [Elizabeth Langmon - Named as appearing in this series of…
"May 14, 1980" An image of Venerable Goblet award program attendees socializing outside of Imnaha School. Ted Brown (right), [Possibly, Elizabeth Langmon (left) - Named as appearing in this series of images, but not specifically identified.]
"May 14, 1980 - Program and following reception to honor Jack and Harriett Finch, Venerable Goblet award"
"May 14, 1980" Three images of Jack and Harriett Finch holding the Venerable Goblet together.
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