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"Cove Ave. - Could be Davis' Chalmers"
"1922 - Frederick Hill - La Grande, OR - Always a Dodge" Appears to be Fred Hill's uncle Fred Huffman's Dodge Touring car.
"Stella Benshadler - Fred Huffman's fiance - 1925+/-" "Dodge Touring car"
"Frederick Hill - 1923" Standing on the running board of his uncle Fred Huffman's Dodge Touring car
"Fair View Farm - Cove Ave. La Grande - To C.D. Huffman & Son Dr. - C.D. Huffman was Fred Hill's grandfather"
"Looking East from Huffman's house - Cove Avenue - As of 2011, Mansard Roof house still there"
"1911 - From Huffman house on Cove Ave. looking West - Steinback house on right" "West orchard"
"C.D. Huffman home - Cove Ave. - Harnessed Parker's horses - Clothes on line between windmill & old house"
"1911 C.D. Huffman house on Cove Ave." "Trees in front yard"
"1911 Guests at C.D. Huffman's - A study in women's hats"

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