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"Pilot Oscar Knight - Piper Cub - flew Fred Hill around the Grande Ronde Valley to Photograph - minature Speed Graphic Camera"
"Hot Lake - before buildings, 1898+/- Looking east from hill behind Hot Lake - before Sanitorium"
"Hot Lake - circa 1900 - Fire destroyed most of the structures on May 7, 1934."
"Hot Lake - main building - circa 1900" [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page 183), edited and compiled by Bernal D. Hug.]
"Hot Lake, house and sheds - circa 1890. In the background are the railroad and telegraph poles which came in 1884."
"Hot Lake Hotel (north face) - circa 1900-04"
"Hot Lake Sanatorium - The Arkansas of the West. On the main line of the O.R. & N. Co., 314 miles east of Portland. Special round-trip excursion tickets from all O.R. & N. points. The largest hotest and most curative spring known, best bathing…
"Post card mailed to Etha Huffman - La Grande - Sept. 1917 Hot Lake Sanatorium, Hot Lake, Ore. Nature's Cure for Rheumatism. On line of O-W.R. & N." Matching post card picture from Doug DeRoest Collection. Has different writing on it: "The Home of…
"Hot Lake - Spring house in foreground"
"From a post card mailed 12/10/19 from Portland, OR - To John Weaver - Enterprise, OR" "Hot Lake Sanatorium, Dr. Phy's Place, Hot Lake, Oregon."
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