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"Hot Lake Hotel (north face) - circa 1900-04"
"Victor homestead - circa 1898. On the Wallowa River just below the present bridge. Woman standing by doorway is Lucy Victor. Her boys, Bob and Alva are sitting on the fence. The third boy leaning on the fence is unidentified.
"Hot Lake - Large construction project in progress on the main buildings - circa 1890's"
"Hot Lake - circa 1900 - Fire destroyed most of the structures on May 7, 1934."
"A man and his dog in a rowboat on Hot Lake"
"Hot Lake - main building - circa 1900" [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page 183), edited and compiled by Bernal D. Hug.]
"Pendleton Round-up scenes - 1915+/-" "No. 1-A. K.S. McCrea on Hot Foot - Round-Up Tryouts 1913"
"Union Stock Show - Smoky Moran off Hot Seat - Union - '50"
"Hot Lake, house and sheds - circa 1890. In the background are the railroad and telegraph poles which came in 1884."
"Elsie Caspar in cap and gown - about 1910. Graduate of Union High School. From the Union and Hot Lake area."
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