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[Photocopy of a page from "A Tour of Union County" which was written in 1882 by D.H. Stearns.] Depicts: "Lithographs of Union County Horses - Anvil, owned by M. Sterling - Dead Shot, owned by D.A. McAllister - Sunbeam, owned by Sturgill Bro's. -…
"No 6 Post Office Imbler Oregon - before 1910 - Now the Imbler Store"
"Powder River Rodeo - North Powder Ore. - June 21, 22, 23 & 24, 1923"
A gentleman rides in a carriage pulled by a single horse.
"North Powder - 1910 Man facing camera is Dotson King"
"Ollie Osborne - 1920's Rodeo and Bucking Horse Rider"

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"1909 Union Stock Show - Participants & stock owners"
"Main St., Union, Jul. 3" "Welcome"
A cowboy throws his arms up in the air to show that he has finished roping a calf.
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