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"1955 Track" Coach Roy Tatum helps one of the track team members work on his form for the hurdles. [Photo appears in the 1956 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 128.]
"Archie (Arch) C. Dunsmoor" He served as Head Football Coach, as well as coaching other sports like track and field.
"Cross Country" EOC cross country coach, Gary Feasel goes over some pointers with runner, Tim Smith.
"Cross Country - Left to right: Back Row: Kirk Wade, Doug Douthit, Tim Smith, Lowell Stacey, Coach Gary Feasel. Kneeling: Greg Letts, Gary Purpura, Lonnie Hinde." - two images [2012.2.xx036.014 appears in the 1968 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 115.]
Two images of members of the Cross Country team posing with Coach Gary Feasel and their NAIA plaque and winner's ribbons. .002 - Lonnie Hinde (right).
"Ivan Harshbarger, assistant professor of physical education and head basketball and tennis coach, has his bachelor of science from Bethel College in Newton, Kan., and his master of science from the University of Oregon. He had a fine first year at…
"1969-70 Track - Left to right, front row: Mark Cooper, Dan McConnell, Lloyd Clark, Bob Morris, Tim Smith, Greg Letts, Bill Davidson, Skip Roberts, John Fenley. Second row: Bobby Feasel, Terry Smith, Larry Mathews, Alan Perryman, Jerry Benintendi,…
"Fall term - Cross Country Team" Three images of Coach Gary Feasel (back row, left end) posing with the cross country team.
"Fall term - Cross Country Team - [Gary] Feasel"
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