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"Cross Country" EOC cross country coach, Gary Feasel goes over some pointers with runner, Tim Smith.

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"Cross Country - Left to right: Back Row: Kirk Wade, Doug Douthit, Tim Smith, Lowell Stacey, Coach Gary Feasel. Kneeling: Greg Letts, Gary Purpura, Lonnie Hinde." - two images [2012.2.xx036.014 appears in the 1968 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 115.]

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"1991 - Football coaches" Two images of Orson Christensen, head coach.

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"September 1991 - Volleyball Team" Three images of the team posing together. Those who have been identified are from left to right: Front row: Annette Archer (2nd), Becky Aldred (5th). Back row: Geigy Jacobs (1st), Cassie Miller (5th), Colleen Colles…

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"September 1991 - Women's Basketball Coach Sharon Campbell" - three images

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"11/7/1991 - Men's basketball team" From left to right: Howard Gauthier (1st, Head coach)

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"1/2/1991 - Women's basketball vs. Lewis & Clark" Three images of Sharon Campbell, the women's basketball head coach, following the action and hollering instructions to her players from the sidelines.

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"11/3/1990 - EOSC vs. Pacific (at Pacific)" From left to right: Todd Beamer, #3

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"9/3/1990 - Football" Two images of head coach, Orson Christensen. .018 - Background: Loso Hall (left), Mt. Emily (right).

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"9/3/1990 - Football" - two images .016 - From left to right: Brian Keller, Andrew King, Tim Standley [or Standlee], Orson Christensen, Savali Vaeao, Rob Cushman, Richard Solaita, Shawn Perkins. .021 - Front: Orson Christensen. Back row from left to…

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