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"City Hall in Elgin, Ore. - circa 1913-1914. Bonds voted 3-13-1911, $10,000."
"Hall Bros. Store Exterior - Union"
"Red Cross facilities -[one of] 2 images." On sign over pathway: "American Red Cross Recreation Hall"
"No. 2 City Hall & Opera House, Elgin, Ore."
"City Hall, La Grande, Oregon - built in 1904. Later, the Union County Courthouse."
"Mess hall - 41st Cantonment - North Ft. Lewis"
"41st Division 1941 - Pertaining to the new 41st Cantonment area - N. Ft. Lewis - E.M. Mess hall at meal time"
41st Cantonment Mess Hall. Seating is arranged in preparation for a hosted dinner of Battalion officers.
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