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"Automobile, Elgin, Oregon - Photo of a 'remodeled' buggy. The buggy has been turned around and the horse is backwards in the shafts, and is pushing the buggy."

"Union, Oregon - circa 1900. Fred Nodine with two unidentified cattle buyers in a buggy (or hack) pulled by two horses."
"La Grande, Oregon street scene - circa 1905. A large crowd of people are outside of the U.S. Land Office because Ukiah has been opened for homesteading. The La Grande Investment Co. is to the left."
"Troy, Oregon (Wallowa County). Ice jam above Troy as it appeared January 31, 1920. Jam occurred on Grande Ronde River December 25, 1919." A man in a buggy pulled by a 2-horse team travels through a deep channel that has been cut through the snow and…
"Team & a Hack. In the carriage at Sanger Oregon - mine town. Mr. & Mrs. Townley in carriage, 3rd person in Hack is unknown. Seated outside: Mr. Oliver and Pedro"
"Wm. (William) Chattin - Mail Carrier 1903-1908, Summerville area - Civil War Veteran - Fought w/ Gen Mead @ Gettysburg, July 1-2-3, 1863"
"Gag shot - Kate Gekeler - redhead on back of a hack - Ken Gekeler and Fred Huffman: driving"

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"Wm. Fine Livery & Feed Stable - Elgin 1910+/-" From Bernal Hug's "History of Elgin, Oregon" (page 102) "picture no. 72 - Looking northeast at Wm. Fine Livery Stable. Twenty-four hours a day teams came and went here." [Photograph used in "History of…
"The C.D. Huffman Farm on Cove, Ave., La Grande, OR - 1918 - Grandmother Ann Huffman and 'Bruno' in the 1 horse hack"
"2 Horse hack - Etha Huffman photo"


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