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"H. M. S. 'Pinafore'" A comic operetta that is also called, "The Lass that Loved a Sailor."
"1/1985 - Theatrical stuff" Eleven images taken in the theater prop room of various items being assembled for the production of "H.M.S. Pinafore," as well as detritus from past productions.
"1/1985 - Theatrical stuff" Seven images of people painting the stage set for "H.M.S. Pinafore."
"Raft Race" Team, "H.H. GECKO" launches it's inflated, three dragon, raft into the Grande Ronde River behind many other teams.
"1989" Twelve images of the starting point for the Raft Race in Hilgard Park and teams getting their rafts moving in the river.
Preparing to launch their homemade raft that is basically three inflatable dragons tied together, team "H.H. GECKO" strategizes.
"Raft Race" This is one of three inflatable dragons that make up the raft for team H.H. GECKO. There is some sort of lizard taped to the dragon's head, and a young man is standing next to the raft.
"Elgin street scene - Looking east on Old Main Street from 6th St. and Alder. 1. J.J. Donovan Livery Barn 2. Elgin Recorder (formerly W.H. Griggs Saloon) 3. Hardware Store 4. Meat Market 5. Shoe Repair 6. Frank Shevlin's Veto Saloon 7. Georgeā€¦
"H.J. Sander's Texaco Station - Elgin, Oregon 1934"
"H.J. Sander's Texaco Station - Elgin, Oregon 1934"
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