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"A small boy behind a Filipino en-route to Vigan from Binmaley on Highway 3 - Luzon"
"Some ancient Spanish look-out tower facing Lingayen Gulf - seen from the road between Binmaley and Vigan - Luzon"
"Local farmer, his children riding a Carabao - near Urbistondo Lingayen Gulf area Luzon"
"Front of Catholic church in one of the neighboring small towns in the Lingayen Gulf area"
"The Cathedral at Binmaley - Japanese were using it to store ammunition - It was shelled by US Navy ships in Lingayen Gulf"
"The shelled Cathedral at Binmaley taken from Lingayen Gulf side. The Japanese had stored supplies in the structure - Navy ships shelled it."
"Distant view, across the pond, of the Catholic Cathedral that was used by Japanese to store ammunition and was shelled by Navy guns on war ships in Lingayen Gulf."
"Palm reflections in river by a fish wier at Binmaley Luzon"
"Fish wier between river and 'milk fish' farm pond at Binmaley"
"A Wier - fish trap between river and a 'milk fish' pond at Binmaley Luzon"
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