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"La Grande, Oregon - circa 1918. A company of soldiers at attention in the street in front of the Y.M.C.A. building on the corner of Depot and Washington." [Possibly the "Home Guard."]
"A low budget movie was being made in La Grande - 1938 - Mitch Asla with military cap, right close, as an 'extra' - Mitch became a member of National Guard E Co. 186th Inf."
"Old E Co 186th Infantry National Guard friends from La Grande, Oregon, met on Biak. Sgt Fred Hill (Air Force), Lt Cochran, Sgt Ernie Stitzinger, Cpl Dean Rizor, S/Sgt Jim Coats" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Oregon Reunion. On September 11-12, Hill was…
"Sgt Fred Hill, 1st Sgt Bill Corey, 1st Lt Ralph Badger - Visit by Hill to E Co 186 Inf. Camp on Biak. Before transferring to Air Force, Hill was also a member of ORE Nat'l Guard unit"
"E Co 186th Infantry - 1st Sgt Bill Corey - and Fred Hill (Air Force) We were together in National Guard - La Grande OR"
"Fred Hill and E Co 186th Infantry friends from the days in Oregon National Guard Infantry Co in - La Grande Oregon - Jay Gamble"
"Former friend, Dean Rizor from Co E 186 Infantry, Oregon National Guard with Fred Hill, when they met on Biak"
"Johnston, Guard, #54" This is an informal portrait of football player, Johnston, #54 wearing his uniform and leather helmet. He plays a guard position.
"Al Nolan, Guard, La Grande" This is an informal action shot portrait of "Eastern Oregon" basketball player, #7 - Al Nolan. He is wearing his uniform and white Converse high top tennis shoes. He played the Guard position, and he came from La Grande,…
"Black, Guard" This is an informal outdoor portrait of Eastern football player, Black. He played the Guard position.
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