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"Ruckman Farm Scenes - Alicel Area - Delivering sacked grain to a warehouse - 1900+/-"
"Cove Flour Mill. Cove, Oregon - circa 1914."
"Cove Flour Mill. Cove, Oregon - circa 1914."
"Sack sewer by stationary threshing machine - location & date unknown"
"Threshing operation in Grande Ronde Valley - circa 1906-1907 - steam thresher"
"Field threshing operation with steam engine - circa 1900's"
"W.A. Elmer's Thrasher - Buffalo-Pitts Co. Thrasher - 1910 - on M.S. Rush Place, High Valley, Oregon"
"Probably Gettle Ranch 1925 - Gettle Ranch was up the river from Hilgard. Sons were Ed, Sebastian, Ray - don't know parent's names, but the family were close friends of the C.D. Huffmans"
"Hauling sacked wheat, a line of wagons are waiting to unload in Imbler, Oregon - circa 1895." The railroad depot and a boxcar are visible in the right side background.
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