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A large piece of paper or canvas is spread out on the floor. Four boys and one girl paint pictures on it creating a mural.
"At Cave Junction, Oregon - camera on tripod - darkened room, except for fire in fireplace - shutter open and sit still - flash bulb thrown in fire - waiting for fire/heat to ignite the flashbulb to make the exposure - June 1940" Fred Hill appears to…

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"2-1-1912 - In a bedroom at C.D. Huffman's home - The way baths were taken I, Fred Hill, remember the gaudy big diamond wallpaper on the left in Grandmother's bedroom, so I know this was indoors, probably 1910/15 era"
"Children's clothes 1912"
"Ruckman Family - Grande Ronde Valley - 1885"

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"Carrie Hibberd's new home in Imbler 1909"
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