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"Fort Lewis Inspection in the field with escorting officers (Bird Colonels, Majors etc) in front of a line of limosines"
"Gen Eisenhower Post Inspection - at Madigan Hospital Ward"
"Gen Eisenhower Fort Lewis Post Inspection 1946 - Soldiers field equipment display - Pup tents, etc."
"Gen Eisenhower Fort Lewis Post Inspection 1946"
"Gen Eisenhower Post Inspection 1946 - Truck Mechanic's teaching facility - 6x6 truck power train - The civilian is Milton Eisenhower."
"Gen Eisenhower Fort Lewis Post Inspection 1946 - Rifle Platoon"
"5 Star Gen. Eisenhower 1946 - Observed Arc Welding student"
"Fort Lewis Inspection - The General sits at a table in enlisted men's mess" "Surprised a diner at an Enlisted Men's Mess hall"
"Fort Lewis Inspection - 2nd Division Colonel & the General and entourage in mess hall" "Gen Eisenhower at Madigan Hospital - Star Shoulder Patch: 2nd Division" "Fort Lewis Sentinel Photo (not by Fred Hill, but in the Fred Hill collection)"
"Fort Lewis Inspection field display & demonstration" "General of the Armies - 5 star Gen Dwight Eisenhower - Spring 1946 inspection of Fort Lewis"
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