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"Gen MacArthur returns to Corregidor - with Col Jones - Gen Krueger directly behind Col Jones - from lantern slides. Source: Bob Flynn - 503rd"
"Fort Lewis Inspection - 2nd Division Colonel & the General and entourage in mess hall" "Gen Eisenhower at Madigan Hospital - Star Shoulder Patch: 2nd Division" "Fort Lewis Sentinel Photo (not by Fred Hill, but in the Fred Hill collection)"
"Fort Lewis Inspection in the field with escorting officers (Bird Colonels, Majors etc) in front of a line of limosines"
"Fort Lewis Inspection - The General sits at a table in enlisted men's mess" "Surprised a diner at an Enlisted Men's Mess hall"
"Fort Lewis Inspection Welding Shop - Soldier with welding torch greeted by the General" "5 star Genera Dwight Eisenhower speaks to a welding student during his Inspection of Fort Lewis - Spring 1946"
"Fort Lewis Inspection field display & demonstration" "General of the Armies - 5 star Gen Dwight Eisenhower - Spring 1946 inspection of Fort Lewis"
"Fort Lewis Inspection field inspection - pup tents etc" "Gen Eisenhower Fort Lewis Post inspection 1946 - Field inspection"
"Fort Lewis Inspection - African American troops Present Arms" "General of the Armies Dwight Eisenhower Inspects Fort Lewis - Spring 1946" "Here talking to African American troops"
"The General inspects Ft Lewis Infantry firing range" "5 Star Gen Dwight Eisenhower Inspects Fort Lewis 1946" "Dry firing range"
"Gen Eisenhower Field Inspection - Fort Lewis 1946"
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