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"5/1989 - Glen Bates [Foundation President]"
"1988 - EOSC President Dave Gilbert [left], Foundation President Glen Bates [right] standing at location of new building site [Loso Hall]" Hoke Hall is visible in the background.
"5/1989 - Jack Earnest" This is an informal portrait of Jack Earnest wearing a polo shirt. He has a full mustache and beard.
"5/1989 - Wilbur Osterloh" This is an informal portrait of Wilbur Osterloh wearing a light colored, plaid blazer, white dress shirt, striped necktie, and eyeglasses.
"5/1989 - Cleo Sorenson" This is an informal portrait of Cleo Sorenson wearing a light colored, cowl neck sweater with a slightly darker vest over it, and eyeglasses.
"5/1989 - Sally Wiens" This is an informal portrait of Sally Wiens wearing a sweater over a white turtleneck, and eyeglasses
"November 1977 - Foundation Annual Meeting / Banquet - Rodney Briggs"
"12/1983 - Foundation Seminar - Bill Hermann, Foundation President"
"1989 - Glen Bates, Foundation President"
"1990 - Foundation" From left to right: Wilbur Osterloh, Sally Wiens, and Jack Earnest.
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