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"Elgin Businesses - Barnes Ford Agency - Garage Barnes & Son - Dad and Dorse Barnes 1914" [Photograph used in "History of Elgin, Oregon" by Bernal Hug (page 108, picture no. 79).]
"4326. Street Scene - La Grande, Ore."
"Ford/Mercury agency - Manila" Sign on building reads: "Manila Trading Supply Company - Sales -Service"
"December 1979"
Bud Creighton (5th person in from the right) gives a lecture in the Hoke Hall parking lot about his Santiam Ford tractor.
"December 1979"
Several of the men who are listening to Bud Creighton lecture about his Santiam Ford tractor outside of Hoke Hall.
"July 1980" A man with a beard and mustache and wearing a short sleeved t-shirt, works on an engine carburetor with a pair of needle-nosed pliers.
"July 1980" A man with a beard and mustache fills a gas tank in the trunk of a car. The gas pump is Chevron Regular. In the background, cars can be seen in open bays of the service station. One is up on a lift with the hood raised.
"1992 Skiing - Kristin Haueter" Wearing a Ford Sports competition number 140 NCSA bib, winter ski clothes, goggles and skis, Kristin Haueter directs her momentum around competition flags with ski poles.
Two cowboys work as a pair in order to rope a running steer. In the background, sponsorship billboards for "Hand Ford Sales" and "The Black Anvil Tavern" hang on the fence.
"5/1986 - Springfest Rodeo" Visible sponsorship billboards: "Tamarack Ford," "Shakey's Pizza Parlor," "Jack Rudd Plumbing & Heating," "Pay Less Drug Store," and "Boise Cascade."
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