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"Oktoberfest" Wearing costumes, the EOSC folk dancers, pose for a picture on one of the exterior staircases of Hoke Hall. A banner declaring, "Welcome to EOSC October Fest" hangs high above the Hoke windows.
Wearing costumes, students folk dance while celebrating Oktoberfest. A banner hanging in front of the main pavilion, Bavarian tent, reads, "E.O.S.C. Oktoberfest Homecoming Oct. 12-13" Sponsored by, "Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer."
"October 14, 1978 - October Festival - Bavarian Tent"
While a small band in the right side, background provides the music, German Club members perform folk dancing for an audience. In the band are from left to right: Music professors, Bob Klak…
Couples dressed in costumes dance into a blur while another couple claps along. In the background, the main pavilion, Bavarian tent has a large banner hanging in front of it. The banner reads, "E.O.S.C. Octoberfest Homecoming, October 12-13."
"October 1980 - Germania Dances" Wearing costumes, participants engage in folk dances at the October Festival. [Cropped out of the photo, but visible in the image from the negative, is a clown applauding on the left.]
"10/17/1975 - Octoberfest German Club Dancers"
The following names were included with the image, but did not specifically identify any of the subjects: "Ellen Porter, Cam MacGinnis, Dave Turner, Kim Ihander, and Marti Fashee [or Forshee]." The…
"October 14-15, 1977 - Octoberfest"
Students wear traditional costumes while performing folk dances at the October Festival. They are accompanied by a section of the EOSC band playing folk music. The festival celebrations have been set up next to…
"October 14-15, 1977 - Octoberfest"
Costumed folk dancers perform during the October Festival.
"October 13, 1978 - October Festival"
Students wear costumes in preparation for the upcoming folk dancing performances.
"October 1980 - Germania Dances" A series of images of young people and children wearing costumes while folk dancing at the October Festival, and the audience watching, as well as mingling afterwards.
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