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"The Mill at Oro Dell, located beside the Grande Ronde River, circa 1890." The mill was built to serve as a grist mill, a place where grain is ground into flour. "The building was later used as an electric power plant for La Grande, Oregon." [See:…
"Pioneer Flour Mill at Island City (water powered - 1930)"
"Pioneer Flouring Mill Co. 1910+/- Island City, Oregon - Proprietors of Island City Roller Mills - their flour brands: Imperial Patent, White Rose, Thistle, Reliance and Purity - Dealers in Flour, Graham Germea, whole wheat flour, corn meal and mill…
"Elgin Flour Mill and warehouse"
"Union Flouring Mill with sign on top and covered 'porches' all around. Same dog as in an earlier photo dated 1909 but did not have sign on top or the covered porch on right parallel to RR track so this could be 1910 or 1911"
"Union Flouring Mill Co. - Union, Oregon - Where Snow White and Gilt Edge Flour are made"
"No 4. Imbler Flouring Mill, Imbler Oregon"
"4. Pioneer Flouring Mill and Elevators - Island City, OR - 1929+/-"
"La Grande Flour Mill - Willow Street"
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