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Two images of staff working in an office to organize papers and file boxes of curriculum folders. In this case, "Word Recognition."
Four images of library employees working in make-shift areas and offices during the remodeling work on Pierce Library.
A gentleman, who appears to be Biology Professor David Kerley is leaning on a file cabinet while he is questioned by a young woman in front of him.
Nine images of various young people working in the library, manning desk positions and fixing equipment. With the exception of Assistant Librarian Helen Bliss, they appear to be student workers. .011-.012 - Helen Bliss (furthest desk).
Four images of a young woman who appears to be a library student worker.
Four images of EOSC employee, Dick Hiatt working at a desk in his office.
Five images of English professor, George Venn sitting in an office with his coat on. There is a sticker on the file cabinet near him which reads: "Here comes da sludge."
Three images of an EOSC employee, Michael (Mike) Daugherty, working at a desk in the Student Activities office. [The woman in the background also appears in 2012.2.xx152.004]
Five images of Professor Thomas Bradbeer in his office.
Six images of EOSC employee, Wilbur Osterloh looking through the files in a filing cabinet.
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