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"4/1987 - Cindy Alexander, Staff, Personnel Secretary"
"October 1979 - Suzi Romer, Admissions"
Two unidentified women are going through files from a file cabinet.
"October 9, 1978 - Campus scenes"
Harriet Girrard (right) talks with a student in one of the campus offices.
"October 1978"
images of Director of Admissions, Marvin Yates (left) talks with office personnel about a flyer that he is holding.
Marti Morandi at her desk in the ARC [Academic Resource Center].
"May 1979"
Music professor, Bob Klak wraps his arms around Janet Miller and captures her for a picture.
"October 15, 1979 - Eileen [Sheelar]" - Admissions
"October 1979 - Joe Snyder, Computer Center Director (1977-8?)"
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