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Two young men take pictures of the performances during Spring Festival. The uncropped image from the negative reveals Mike Daugherty seated on the right.
"1983 Springfest" Wearing casual attire, EOSC President Dave Gilbert (right, wearing watch) helps with setting up sound equipment for a Spring Festival activity.
Spring Festival includes an Ice Cream Social in Hoke Hall. Young men and women fix their sundaes along a buffet of toppings and goodies.
"Spring Festival" Bare chested, except for leis, and wearing grass skirts and headbands, Micronesian perform a dance while keeping rhythm with two sticks held in their hands.
"Spring Festival" A cowboy tries to stay on a bucking bronco as long as possible during the EOSC Spring Festival Rodeo. Many cowboys and cowgirls watch from along the fence in the background, and overhead is a poster which reads, "College Rodeo…
"5/7/1983 - Indian Powwow" A young boy curiously checks out the feathers and costuming worn by the Native American boy standing next to him.
"October 1989" Couples dance together on an assembled floor during this Homecoming and October Festival activity. Dick Stenard is at the right edge, in profile.
"May 1982 - EOSC Rodeo" A horse is nearly successful in bucking off the cowboy that is trying to stay on it's back. In the background, spectators watch from the covered stands.
"5/1986 - Springfest Rodeo" Wearing an EOSC vest, a cowboy sits in a saddle astride a horse. Several other cowboys are standing on either side of his horse, or sitting on the fence nearby.
"May 1982 - EOSC Rodeo, Wild Cow Milking Contest, Spring Festival"
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