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"4 horse teams on 2 bottom plows - actual location unknown"

"Frank James at work on his farm 21 miles N.E. of Fletcher"
An ongoing haying operation.
"Umatilla County somewhere"
"Sam Ruckman threshing operation - Alicel area"
A farmer rides a "Champion" farm machine pulled by horses. Numerous hay stacks are visible in the background.
"Steam traction engine - Union County"
"W.A. Elmer's Thrasher - Buffalo-Pitts Co. Thrasher - 1910 - on M.S. Rush Place, High Valley, Oregon"
"Geo & Bill Ruckman - Imbler, Oregon - Sept. 22, 1890 Thrashing scene east of Alicel"
"Ruckman Header - Alicel area - 6 horses pushing, plus a headerbox wagon - 6 men - 1900+/-"
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