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"1989" Four images taken during the demolition of the old Facilities building. Originally, the main part of the building was called, "Pierce Hall," and it was used as a supplementary dormitory for men. Then, prior to the building of a new Plant…
"1988" An image of the central area of campus taken from an elevated position on Hoke Hall. The closest buildings are Facilities (left) and Pierce Library (right). Badgley Hall is further back in the middle, and Mt. Emily is in the background.
"1988" Two images of maintenance employees working on jobs.
"3/1986" Thirty-seven images of students outdoors on campus, enjoying a nice day. 86227 .005 - Hoke Hall (background). .013 - Pierce Library (background, partial). .015 - Hoke Hall (background, partial). .016 - Zabel Hall (background). 86233 .005 -…
"5/1985 - Roof repairs to Inlow" - nineteen images .011 - Facilities power plant (background).
"February 1984 - Cleaning the Baseball Field" - six images .007 - Facilities Physical Plant (background). .009-.010 - Facilities Physical Plant (background).
"11/1983" Nine images of different areas of campus. 83044 .003 - From left to right: Badgley Hall (background, partial), Pierce Library, Inlow Hall (background), Ackerman Elementary School. .004-.005 - From left to right: Facilities, Badgley Hall…
"9/1983" Fourteen images of runners in a campus-based Fun Run. 83022 .017 - Jim Hottois. .019 - Dick Satterlee (middle). 83023 .002 - Dick Satterlee (left), Jim Hottois (right). .003 - John Millay (tall man, right side of image). .004 - Facilities…
"2/28/1983" Four images of students walking on sidewalks in the central area of campus. .002 - Hoke Hall (background). .009-.010 - Facilities (background). .011 - Pierce Library (background).
"3/23/1982" An image of students walking on campus sidewalks near the old Facilities building.
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