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"Queen and Her Attendants - 4th Annual E.O.N. Evensong - 1935"
"1953 - Evensong Ball: (L to R): EOC President Frank B. Bennett, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Maaske and Roben J. Maaske, the OCE [Oregon College of Education] Proxy and Director of Elementary Education and former president of EOCE"
"1954-55 - Coronation Ball: Glenda Gray, Duane Whitter" Wearing a cap and gown, Duane Whitter escorts Queen Glenda Gray in the procession at the Coronation Ball. She is holding a large bouquet of flowers in her arm.
"1969 - Evensong Queen, Jean Harmon" [Accompanied by an Evensong program dated June 6, 1969.] [A nearly identical photo appears in the 1969 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 258.]
"1954-55 - Evensong Queen Coronation Ball" Formally attired couples start out in separate lines along the side walls, then meet up at the end of the room under a draped arch over a royal throne, and join together in foursomes to promenade down the…
"1954-55 - Evensong Coronation of Glenda Gray - Bob Bieker, Duane Whitter" Standing on an elevated platform in front of a draped archway, and wearing a cap and gown, Bob Bieker places a crown upon the head of Glenda Gray. She is kneeling on the step…
"1954-55 - Glenda Gray, Evensong Queen" On either side of Glenda and wearing caps and gowns, are Duane Whitter and Bob Bieker. At the far right is one of the princesses, who is holding a bouquet of flowers.
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