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"1934+/- Inlow Hall, Administration Building, State Normal School" This is a picture of the entrance and middle facade of Inlow Hall.
This is a picture of the entrance to Inlow Hall.
"1941 - Eastern Oregon College [of Education], La Grande"
"1947-48 School Activities" Four young men and one young woman stand on the steps of Inlow Hall while talking and laughing together. A photographer that is adjusting something on his camera has been caught in the left side of the picture.
"1949 - Eastern Oregon College of Education - '29-'49 Hands Across the Years Welcome Alums"
"1949 Winter" This is a picture of the snow-covered front entrance area to the President's house. [Photo appears in the 1950 Mountaineer yearbook with the caption: "Inviting door of the Maaske home." This refers to the 1949-1950 EOCE President, Roben…
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