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"1914 Elgin High School Student Body"
"Elgin High School, Elgin, Oregon - 1907-1909 - Building dedicated May 18, 1908. Destroyed by fire in the spring of 1945."
"Elgin High School Sophomore Class 1911 Back Row: LeRoy Parsons, Melvin Barnes, Reinhold Klinghammer, Moore Front Row: Venoa Boyd, Lillian Page, Ethel Baker Venoa Boyd married LeRoy Parsons - Moore was killed (when unknown)"
"Elgin High School persons - Senior 1938" Young man at right end of back row appears to be Fred Hill.
"Elgin High School Sr. Class 1914 - Ida Klinghammer (Hallgarth - standing left), Clarice Fine, Lottie Bendshadler, Edith Boyd, Buena Fine, Ethel McNaughton, Audra Cummins (Williams - 7th), Ethel Hansen, Molly Becker (Allen - 9th), Irma Hotchkiss…
"1911 Elgin High School reunion - taken perhaps in 1936 at Luther Hindman's farm/ranch on Cricket Flat - Nona Austin, Earl Chandler, Nellie Raney, Luther Hindman & Clare Pepper"
"Ken Adams - Russel (Bud) Hug"
"Ken Adams / Russel (Bud) Hug - 'He who hesitates is lost"
"Elgin High School Play Cast 1911"
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