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Spectators line both sides of the main dirt road in Elgin, Oregon to watch a parade.

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"Fourth of July Parade - Elgin, Oregon - July 4, 1908. Looking north on Front St. over the 'Elgin Hardware' sign. Directly next door to the hardware store is Dr. Easley's dentist office."

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"Our Bussy [busy] Elgin, Oreg." "Elgin Hardware"

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"May 1982 - EOSC Rodeo" Four images of cowgirls participating in the goat roping event at the rodeo.

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"May 1982 - EOSC Rodeo, Wild Cow Milking Contest, Spring Festival" - three images

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Cowboys and cowgirls stand their horses in a line at the Union County Fair Grounds.

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"1978" A cowboy is on the way to the ground butt first after having just been bucked off the horse he was riding. In the background, sponsorship billboards hang from the fence, including, "Pay Less Drug Store," "Baum Insurance Agency," "Connies,"…

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The rodeo arena at the Union County Fair Grounds.

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