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"Sigma Alpha Chi 1946-47" This is an outdoor group photo, in four rows, of the 1946-47 Sigma Alpha Chi sorority. Professor Amanda Zabel, the group's advisor is wearing a dark dress suit jacket, and she is standing at the right end of the back row.…

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"1954-55 Phi Beta Sigma - Back row: Royce Chadwick, Clyde Warner, Jo Wheeler, Jackie Hawk, Helen Kudlac, Barbara Walker, Ron Bayes, Dave Clark. Middle row: Mrs. John Miller, Doreen Pierson, Mina Sawyer, Mrs. John Ryan, Eleanor Miller. Front row:…

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"1954-55 bretter storke - Back row: Monte Carns, Ted Spalding, Merton Taylor, Ben Holdman, Ron Roster, Vern Carpenter, Jeff Ford, Ron Parsons. Middle row: Joanne Ramos, Marian Robnett, Carole Hinds, Nancy Dyer, Anna LaKamp, Sandra Spickerman, Gerri…

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"54-55 Jerrie Jean Hassell, Geraldine Schaefer, Margaret Preston, Duane Lindsay, Mountaineers" The three young women stand in a row in front of wall mounted cupboards. Duane Lindsay is sitting on top of a desk reading something that is laying on the…

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"1953-54 - Walters" Jim Walters stands behind a counter while running an old style adding machine in the campus bookstore. There are shelves behind him that hold an assortment of books and reams of paper. [Similar to 2007.3.1003]

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"Student Body Officers 54-55, Bob Valiant, Cecilia McDonnell, Marlin Stringer, Bill Morris, Jim Walters" Four young men and one young woman sit at a table taking notes. They are the student body officers for 1954-55.

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"1952-53 - Ronald Bayes, Interfaith" Ronald Bayes poses in a medium-dark, suit jacket over a white, dress shirt with a black bowtie.

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"1951-52 Elaine Robinson, Joan Kiterice" Elaine Robinson and Joan Kiterice take a break from playing in the snow, and sit down on a rock. They are both dressed heavily for cold weather.

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"Spout Springs, Geri Shafer, Sandra Spidderman, 54-55" Dressed for cold weather, Geri Shafer and Sandra Spidderman open the cavernous trunk of their 1950's era car. There is heavy snow on the ground.

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"1954-55 Sadie Hawkins - Diana Gilstrap" There are two people in this picture: A tall, unidentified man dressed in a melodramatic, cowboy costume with a large, handlebar mustache, and Diana Gilstrap, dressed in a patterned dress with a dark shawl…

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