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"1986 - George Overmeyer" This is an informal portrait of George Overmeyer wearing a dark colored, plaid shirt, and eyeglasses. He is sitting in front of some light colored curtains.
"Amanda Zabel and Lena Foley - ENGLISH DEPARTMENT"
The two women professors pose by one of the banisters of the Grand Staircase.
[Photo appears in the 1930 EONS Catalog.]
"Lucky Clown - AWS Float - Homecoming" The Associated Women Students' parade float travels down Adams Ave in La Grande, OR. Part of a letter on the side has dropped forming an "N." It's actually a "W." The float is decorated in tissue flowers. There…
"1954-55 - Faculty Reception" Faculty members form a receiving line along a wall with paned windows. There are twisted streamers hanging in front of the windows. EOCE President, Frank B. Bennett is shaking hands with a woman, and he's located nine…
"November 1960 - Book Week. Betty Ryan, longtime 2nd grade teacher at Ackerman Lab School, author of children's books. Bill Delashmutt, Ackerman student and EOC student (1967-68), smaller of the two boys. Mike Elder, Ackerman student and EOC student…
"Daryl [or Darryl] Corey, 1961 Alumnus B.S., 1964 Alumnus M. A. - accreditation reviewer"
"Daryl [or Darryl] Corey, 1961 Alumnus B.S., 1964 Alumnus M. A. - accreditation reviewer"
"1965-66 Faculty - Dr. Sarah Stein, Dr. Leonard Good, Business & Secretarial Science" Dr. Stein and Dr. Good appear to be in an office or faculty room. Dr. Stein is seated with papers on the table in front of her, and Dr. Good is standing to her…
"Lee Johnson (retired 1975)" Wearing a dark colored blazer over a white dress shirt, black bowtie, and eyeglasses, this is an informal portrait of Dr. Lee Johnson sitting in his office. [Photo appears in the 1968 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 41.]
Twelve images of an unidentified guest speaker talking to a decent sized audience outdoors. The listeners are sitting on the grass on a gentle slope under the shade of the trees.
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