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A women's sports team, possibly Speedball.
[Photo appears in the 1930 EONS Catalog.]
A women's sports team, possibly Speedball - Left to right: Back row: Byrd
"SPEEDBALL - The most vigorous sport of the winter term was speedball. Much endurance and sportsmanship were displayed by the players."
[Photo appears in the 1930 EONS Catalog.]
"Kate Houx, Director of Training School - 'May all the fine possibilities of which teaching is possessed be yours -- the lasting friendships
"1929 - G. W. Overmeyer Jr. - First man to graduate from this school." This is a portrait of G. W. Overmeyer, Jr. wearing a tweed, suit jacket over a white, dress shirt and patterned necktie. He is also wearing eyeglasses.
This is a wintertime picture of Inlow Hall. A shallow blanket of snow covers the scrubby field in front of the building.
This is a picture of the front and side of Inlow Hall from the bottom of the small staircase. The ornate railing, benches and stairs are all in the foreground. There is very little landscaping and the grass is scrubby.
This is a picture of the entrance to Inlow Hall.
An early picture of Inlow Hall that appears to have been taken with something like an infrared lens in order to create a lighting effect.
The backside of Inlow Hall and the Grand Staircase. The chimney stack is highly visible from this side at the far right of the picture.
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