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"Films and Prints from Red Cross Drug Store - The Home of the Kodak - La Grande, Oregon - Expert Developing, Printing, and Enlarging" "For Etha Huffman - 1 ea. - 50 cents"
"Agency for Eastman Kodaks, Graflex Premo, Century and Hawkeye Cameras - Bring all your Kodak troubles to us. We will show you how to get good pictures. - Price List"
Requested information table.
"Red Cross Drug Store - W. H. Reuter, Prop. - Eastman Kodak Agency - We Develop and Print - Free Delivery - Post Cards - Prescription Druggists - Candies - Stationery"
"Walter Reuter in Red Cross Drug Store"
Three unidentified gentleman stand near one of the display cases inside the Red Cross Drug Store.
Interior of the Red Cross Drug Store in La Grande, Oregon.
Walter Reuter stands in the back corner of the Red Cross Drug Store. There is another, unidentified gentleman behind the counter on the left.
Walter Reuter in the Red Cross Drug Store.
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