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"Moon Drug Co. store on the corner of Adams and Fir. Advertisement for Coca-Cola painted on the side of the building. Sign for Moon Drug reads: 'Drugs, Ice Cream, Candies, Stationery, ______, ______ ______, Tobacco.' Grande Ronde Valley House is…
"Grande Ronde Drug Store [La Grande?]" Painted sign on the side of the building reads: "Drugs and Medicines, Paint, Oils, [Glass?], School Books and Cigars"
"5/1986 - Springfest Rodeo" Visible sponsorship billboards: "Tamarack Ford," "Shakey's Pizza Parlor," "Jack Rudd Plumbing & Heating," "Pay Less Drug Store," and "Boise Cascade."
"5/18/1981" Eleven images taken during the bull riding event at the rodeo.
"10/20/1981" Fourteen images of the La Grande High School Marching Band making it's way along the homecoming parade route.
"10/20/1981" Two images of cheerleaders or drill team members carrying flags and making their way down the homecoming parade route.
"10/20/1981" Ten images of three floats in the homecoming parade representing different campus organizations: Women's Sports, Student Activities, and Football.

Float sign reads, "Student Activities is a kick in the _ _ _!"
"10/20/1981" Five images of young women riding horses while bearing flags in the homecoming parade.
"5/1986 - Springfest Rodeo" - four images Visible sponsorship billboards: .009 - "Pay Less Drug Store," "La Grande Livestock Exchange," "Boise Cascade."
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