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"Copy negatives of New Guinea native Women - bare breasted" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Three Coastal Women. Among all New Guinea tribes, tropical heat and humidity required partial nudity in order for anyone to be comfortable. Traditionally, women…
Walter Reuter sits at the steering wheel of a small boat while holding his young son, Robert [Bob].

"At beach - 1913 - No. 44 Campfire at North Beach, Washington"
"At beach - 1913" On the left is Walter Reuter. [The woman seated next to him appears to be Madeline Reuter.] The other couple sitting and leaning on a large driftwood log are unidentified. They are all eating grapes. [North Beach, WA is identified…

"Looking Glass Lake [later named Langdon Lake] was formed at the summit of the Blue Mountains [Tollgate area] in 1922 when a group of citizens purchased the property for a resort area. Boating, bathing and just enjoying the new lake were a primary…
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