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"College - 1939 - Women's Residence Hall Construction" [1938?]
"Residence Hall (West Dorion Hall)" The van and cars parked along the building appear to be from the 1980's era.
"Dorion Hall" Picture of exterior of Dorion Hall with numerous vehicles parked in a row along the building, including a Toyota pickup with a canopy.
"Dorion Hall Addition - Eastern Oregon College, Hewlett and Jamison - Architects" Architects conceptual drawing of the Dorion Hall Addition.
"Dorion Hall West" Exterior picture of Dorion Hall West. There is also a late 1950's era Chevrolet parked on the street in front of the building.
"Dorion Hall" East and West. A late 1950's era vehicle is parked near the buildings.
"1950's - Hunt Hall" Students gather on the entrance steps to the "A" section of Hunt Hall. The foliage around the steps is quite grown up, and there are even vines of ivy advancing up the walls.
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