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"186th Infantry - 41st Cantonment - North Fort Lewis American Lake - Fort Lewis 1941"

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"The dock area at Milne Bay" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Milne Bay Wharf. Because there was no campsite for Hill's squadron when they arrived on November 4, and because commanders wanted to release the USS General John Pope to return to the States,…

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"Copy of the first view of New Guinea as the SS Gen John Pope arrived" From "Darkroom Soldier": "The Wharf of Milne Bay, November 4, 1943. Here, in August, 1942, an attack by Japanese naval forces had been repulsed by Australian infantry defending…

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"Dock area in Formosa (Taiwan) K-25 grab shot out the window by a co-pilot - 17th Recon"

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"Sailing Ships loading grain in Portland, Oregon"

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"Looking east toward tail. Pier extends to North. 17th Recon Sqdn original, but this is from Nat'l Archives via Don Abbot - Not sharp"

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"Warf area - North Dock - 503rd RCT Paratroopers - Photo by 17th Recon Sqdn - Make a square print 3 Parachutes in the air in center smoke. Tank farm and lighthouse just to the right of where these 3 'chutes will come down"

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"Intramuros - Docks & Ships" Locations noted on glassine sleeve.

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"From out in Bay - Manila Hotel" Map on glassine sleeve which coordinates with: "1. Manila Hotel 2. Manila Terminal Bldg 3. Pier #7"

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"From way out in the Bay - Waterfront south of mouth of Pasig River. Intramuros and legislative buildings in background - City Hall - Post Office - Jones Bridge etc" Map on glassine sleeve which coordinates with: "1. City Hall 2. Post Office 3. Jones…

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