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"Dewey Blvd - Dock area - Many ships - Manila Hotel"
"Waterfront - Manila Hotel etc"
"Intramuros - Ships in Bay - Part of Dock area - Large ship"
"From way out in the Bay - Waterfront south of mouth of Pasig River. Intramuros and legislative buildings in background - City Hall - Post Office - Jones Bridge etc" Map on glassine sleeve which coordinates with: "1. City Hall 2. Post Office 3. Jones…
"From out in Bay - Manila Hotel" Map on glassine sleeve which coordinates with: "1. Manila Hotel 2. Manila Terminal Bldg 3. Pier #7"
"Intramuros - Docks & Ships" Locations noted on glassine sleeve.
"Warf area - North Dock - 503rd RCT Paratroopers - Photo by 17th Recon Sqdn - Make a square print 3 Parachutes in the air in center smoke. Tank farm and lighthouse just to the right of where these 3 'chutes will come down"
"Looking east toward tail. Pier extends to North. 17th Recon Sqdn original, but this is from Nat'l Archives via Don Abbot - Not sharp"
"Sailing Ships loading grain in Portland, Oregon"
"Dock area in Formosa (Taiwan) K-25 grab shot out the window by a co-pilot - 17th Recon"
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