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"10/26/1982 - Al Ullman, Distinguished Citizen" This is the informal photo of Al Ullman that was cropped and used for his official Distinguished Citizen photograph. The image from the negative shows the entire picture.
"June 2, 1977 - Keith Fleshman, 1977 Distinguished Alumnus - Awards Banquet" Wearing a light colored casual jacket over a plaid shirt, Keith Fleshman stands at a podium and gives his distinguished alumni speech. There are people sitting in theā€¦
"1984 - Bill Hermann, Distinguished Citizen"
"October 1989 - Abel Mendoza, Distinguished Alumnus"
"October 1989 - Abel Mendoza, Distinguished Alumnus" The entrance to Badgley Hall and the Head & Heavens Fountain is visible in the background.
"10/1984 - Caroline Duby Glassman, Distinguished Alumni" From left to right: Caroline Duby Glassman (1st, standing), Harry Hunt (2nd), Rodney Briggs (3rd).
"10/1984 - Caroline Duby Glassman, Distinguished Alumni"
"10/1984 - Alumni" An image of alumni taken during the social function for the Distinguished Alumni.
"10/1987 - Alumni Banquet, Steve DeLashmutt, Recipient" Standing on one side of a podium, Steve DeLashmutt receives his Distinguished Alumni plaque with a handshake from Jerry Young. Seated behind the exchange is President Dave Gilbert.
"10/1987 - Alumni Banquet, Anne Berbinger, Distinguished Service"
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